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Foldaway Steel Log-burners / Fire Pits

WildFire Garden - The Foldaway BBQ Log Burner (40cm)
WildFire log-burning BBQ's.

WildFire's unique space-saving and quick put-together design cannot be beaten. With 6 main panels, they slot together so quick and easily, you'll be toasting marshmallows in no time at all!

Measuring approx. 40cm cubed when together, folding flat to 47 x 43 x 5cm making them super easy space savers until the next time.

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Mackintosh Rose Logburner (7).jpg

WildFire Adventurer - The Camping Cube (30cm)

The Adventurer is the cheeky and more outgoing little brother! 

The unique space-saving and quick put-together design, makes this a fantastic addition to any camping adventure with the ashpan helping with the 'leave no trace' ethos. 

Currently available in 5 designs - Stag, Highland Cow, Bee/Wreath, Camping by Moonlight and vintage tattoo inspired Swallows & Roses.

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Bee Design LogBurner (1).jpg

There are a few differences between WildFire Garden and WildFire Adventurer:



  • WildFire Garden measures approx. 40cm cubed, made from 3mm mild steel and is best suited to gardens and larger outdoor areas. The ashpan (purchased separately) measures 500mm square and 60mm high.

  • WildFire Adventurer measures 30cm cubed, made in 2mm mild steel (so lighter weight) and comes with a lightweight ashpan to take up less space in your camper or car. 


The Top / Cooking Grill:

  • WildFire Garden has a cooking grill which is great when cooking steaks, fish and vegetables. The grill does require a thorough clean before using for the first time. The Wildfire Garden comes with 2 x grill lifting tools that aid with the lifting of the hot grill plate to pop another log in the fire. There is an ashpan available to purchase separately.

  • WildFire Adventurer  has a more accessibly designed cooking section with a handy hole for easy log feeding and cooking. Great for kettles, pots, paella pans and woks! 

Both being made from either 2mm and 3mm mild steel, both WildFires are more durable than mass-produced, imported BBQ's and logburners.

They both fold flat after use and can be stored using minimal space in your garage or campervan.


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